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About the battle of SEO.

Victor Pereira SEO Service. Site analysis using Basic seo. Analytic SEO creating your Google Analytics Dashboard. SEO Content Marketing creating your Facebook Application and Web Application with a purchase button.

The battle of SEO is a dynamic world. Thre is not magic formulas. The unique way for be winner in the SEO war is be creative. Generating quality content for your clients. Make a plan based on strategic. Define goals. Assing resources. Apply actions. Meassure performance indicators. Make corrections and follow and perform new actions. If you want beacome in income your seo investment contrat my service follow the next steps: 1) Analysis of your site and then apply basic SEO 2) Create a dashboard based on Google Analytics 3) Genearte content beyond social media creating a facebook App. Creating Web applications useful for your clients based on advance programming.

Victor Pereira SEO Basic


- Sign in major search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu)
- Creation of the XML SITEMAP
- Account Creation and registration site in Google Web Master Tools
- Account Creation and registration site in Google Analytics
- Account Creation and registration site in Google Mi Negocio
- Links Referral analysis
- Evaluation of site speed
- Evaluation of Responsive Web Design of your site
- Definition of key search words related to business
- Definition of key search words related to business
With this package you get:
- Official and formal registration of your Web on major search engines
- Appear on the map of Google through Google My Business
- Evaluation and analysis of your site for future actions of SEO

Victor Pereira SEO Analytics

Analytics SEO

- Business Goals: Definitions of Macro and micro conversions
- Definition channels: Key Pages that call for action
- Audience Segmentation
- Acquisition strategies
- Creating dashboard for hearing assessment
- Creating control panel for assessment of the acquisition
- Report related to ROI
- Creating and launching a campaign
With this package you get:
- Detailed knowledge about the behavior of your audience
- Be aware about new visitors, prospects, and loyalty of existing
- Real-time information relevant to their business activities: Shopping, Purchase Intention, advertising and brand penetration
- Effectiveness of the campaign: The invested versus the returned and Public reached

Victor Pereira SEO Content Marketing for get positioning in google

SEO Content Marketing for get Positioning in Google

- A Facebook Application for Cause high impact on your target audience and generate sales.
- A useful Web application to your customers with a purchase button where they can buy online and instantly - Brand communication strategy. Creating the message Generating 10 quality articles relevant to your business that provide utility to the target audience.
With this package you get:
- Positioning in the minds of your audience through experience and call to action